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 Get Strong, Build Health,
Be Resilient



About Stout-Heart Fitness

Stout-Heart Fitness is owned by the husband and wife coaching duo of Matthew and Elspeth Jimmink.  We are committed to building stronger, healthier, more resilient human beings.  The concept of physical, mental, and emotional health being intertwined is at the center of our training program.  Our great coaches and supportive community will push you to grow beyond what you thought you were capable of.  Your experiences will change your entire concept of exercise, strength, and fitness.  If you put in the work and the passion, you won't just become strong, you will be Stout-Hearted!



Matthew Jimmink


Matthew started his fitness coaching journey in Crossfit.  While he enjoyed working with clients on their movement and form, he realized that he craved a deeper understanding of human movement.  Through a friend at the gym, he was introduced to Strongfit and soon thereafter met Julien Pineau.  That day changed everything!  Now, Matthew works hard to help clients understand how to overcome pain and injury by understanding their own bodies and how their physical, emotional, and mental states all affect their overall health.

Elspeth Jimmink


Ever since Elspeth was a little girl, she read and applied as much as she could about health and wellness.  After becoming a mother, she really got into the physical, emotional, and mental aspect of prenatal and postpartum health.  Now, as mom of four, she is passionate about not only the physical aspect of healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery, but also the day-to-day mental game of parenthood. Elspeth wants to see people become strong in who they were meant to be, allowing them to better handle daily stressors and affect change in their relationships.


Your Effort + Expert Coaching + Strong Community = Changed Lives


Getting Here:


Our Address:
40909 22nd St West
Palmdale, CA 93551



Thank you for reaching out! We will be contacting you soon!

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